Earning from stock market is quite easy task if you’re systematic and full of discipline. Being a Founder of Bimal Institute for Market Research, i have seen my students performing amazing in worst scenarios in market and vice versa but some students were amazing. Once these amazing students were the worst and were lagging ones in their batches.

But they were full of discipline as they walked on the path which i have choose for them.

if you also want to learn the tactics behind earning stock market on daily basis then you should be knowing and following few rules:

1. Discipline : this must be in each and every trader out there. A trader without trading discipline is very injurious to his own money.

2. Basic of stock market : You might have completed your MBA or CA and you must have covered basics in your course but let me clear you one thing. those basic in your curriculum were totally different from live market. so its better to learn  from ground level with live stock market classes.

3. Trading System: Each and Every trader has its own trading system and in no circumstances he/she should go beyond that system. Each mistake should be written in your trading journal. if you’re not having trading journal then start writing one. Every failed trade should be written in your journal and reasons behind its failure.

4. Don’t switch your product : Some people are good in cash segment and some are in futures and options. Never switch your product just because you’re earning in your basic product that doesn’t mean your trading system will work in other segment as well.

5. Never change your stop loss  : A good trader always aware of entry and exit points. Only a trader who is lacking in patience changes this.

6. Keep upgrading your trading system : Your should always keep searching for tools and strategies which can refine your trading system results as we (traders) say not even god can create 100% accuracy trading system in stock market.

7.Keep yourself updated with news : Keeping yourself updated with news helps in understanding the reason behind demand and supply of a company share. being updated with certain news work as a confident booster while trading.

Making money from stock market is easy only if you’re disciplined one !

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