How to create your stocks portfolio?

Direct Investing is a time-consuming process but it is very attractive in terms of returns if you have bet on the right stocks. A portfolio is divided into two parts: Core Portfolio and Satellite Portfolio

Core Portfolio

This part is held for long term and it is passively managed. Core portfolio mainly consist of large cap or blue-chip stocks like infy, tcs, reliance, hdfc, nestle etc. this part of your portfolio generally act as a defensive strategy against any drastic fall in future.

Satellite Portfolio

This is the most interesting and hardworking part of your portfolio where you have to go through a thorough research to pick your stock based on themes by keeping diversification in your mind. This part is actively managed and stocks held are for short term.

An idle portfolio can consist up to 15-20 stocks out of which 50% is reserved for core and rest 50% can be utilized in satellite. Remember one thing satellite stocks will be delivering higher returns than core stocks. A model portfolio if I have to invest right now into stocks will look like this

Birlacorp: 6%

Navin Flourine: 7%

Tata Motors: 6%

SRF: 5%

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